SPviewIT has been designed for high-speed data acquistion with hard disk streaming. The software turns the PC in a virtual instrument with powerful functions to allow the handling, display and analysis of multi-GByte files. The build-in designer allows the easy setup of different user specific interfaces and requires no programming experience. With SPviewIT an effectual and individual hard disk streaming application is done with a few mouse-clicks.

Main panel showing captured AC signal and FFT

The standard SPViewIT6.1 (code: SpviewIT-str) includes all display and analyis modules and is available for just 920 for single board support. Any number of further boards can be added for an addtional single extra payment of 760 (code: SpviewIT-mlt) There is even an option available to control and view SpviewIT windows across the Ethernet, please contact DataQuest for more details on this.

[SPViewIT PDF data sheet]
[SPViewIT PDF manual]

Try for yourself by downloading from the manufacturer the fully functional demo (no time limit and no harware required)!
Click on www.spec.de/spviewit.html
(Download size 8.4Mbyte, if you would prefer a CD please contact DataQuest Solutions).

Learn more about the performance hardrive performance and RAID systems at www.dqsolutions.co.uk/raidinfo.htm