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generation and digital pattern signals
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DataQuest Solutions provides a comprehensive range of Windows and Linux drivers for the Spectrum range of signal capture and generation hardware.

"As a general note, I integrate no end of third party cards in to our systems. Without a shadow of doubt, the manual is by far the best I've ever had the pleasure to wade through. Similarly, the API interface is brilliantly clean and simple. Both the authors of the manual and the authors of the SDK should be commended".
Nigel Gray - Ultrasonic Sciences Ltd.

Supported operating systems
For all Spectrum cards; 32 or 64 bit XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 .
We still can support earlier platforms, but only for certain older series boards, please contact us if such a driver is required.

All 32/64 bit distributions are also catered for including distributions Fedora Suse, Debian and Redhat. As there are such a wide variety of distributions we can by simple agreement provide the source code for you to compile with.

The driver is available for several operating systems and programmed in the same way for all. For this reason a change in the operating system may be made without any changes in the source code.

Drivers for text programmers
Included with all Spectrum data acquisition, generation and digital I/O hardware at no extra cost. these drivers provide a set of functions (commands) to simplify manipulation of programming registers using custom commands, so completely accessing the different functionalities of particular hardware. The drivers are universal to all hardware in the Spectrum series, be it a board or the digitizerNETBOX. This makes multiple card installations easier to configure too, even if they are of different types.

Due to the simple driver application protocol interface (API) several programming languages are supported. A user can write his own programs using any programming language that can access the API. The drivers have been built up for the following:-

Microsoft Visual C++   Microsoft Visual Basic,   Inprise (Borland) C++,   Delphi,  Linux Gnu C/C++,  MATLAB script,  LabWindows/CVI

Also .NET integration for C#, J# and VB.NET

Programming examples are provided on each driver CD supplied with the hardware. These provide immediate access to many hardware functions and can be used as the basis for your own application.


Drivers for graphical programmers
The graphical programming interface has become a popular way of quickly creating applications for real time visualisation and processing of signals. With this in mind a driver for interfacing Spectrum boards with LabVIEW is supplied as standard and at no extra cost.. An interface to DASYlab  and Agilent VEE, may be available as a special order.


"An easy-to-use yet powerful signal capture, waveform generation and analysis software"
SBench 6 allows easy set up of card paramenters such as desired trigger type and level. SBench 6 has been specifically designed to operate with both analogue and digital hardware from Spectrum, installation is easy and all drivers load automatically. No programming is required to access all the functions on the installed hardware, display and log the results. All options are accessed via pull-down menus and settings simply typed in text boxes. Now with the release of SBench6, Gigabyte data set handling is possible with extensive visualisation and processing, providing the user with a simple yet powerful method to undertake ultra high-speed signal capture. For waveform generation cards SBench can produce waveforms from the users data file or using its Easy Generator function output standard waveforms. Common parameters such as offset, amplitude or filter settings being changed by simple numeric entry and mouse click.

For the Spectrum digital I/O range the software even includes a logic analyser window for digital bus inspection.

Available in three levels, "Base" (FREE!), "Pro" (option) and "Multi" (option), the latter being for multiple card systems. The Base option and a 30-start trial of the Professional option are supplied with each card purchase. Both are also available for download, please click below for more information and links.