Remote Server for Spectrum cards

Remote Server arrangement with cards in a remote location monitored by the Client PC

The Remote Server option provides a way to programme, control and monitor Spectrum M2p, M2i, M3i or M4i cards in a remote location. The option need only be activated by software licence in any one of the Spectrum cards in the remote system. This turns the system into a remote controlled instrument with an IP address, close to where electrical signals are being acquired or generated, but programmed and setup from another PC (the Client) at some distance across a LAN network. For many commonly used network standards, this transmission distance can be up to 100 metres.

In a situation where access is difficult, such as an industrial site, or simply to allow remote operation for convenience, this new option is of great benefit. Data may be acquired during signal capture from a digitiser card for a live display and logging, or transmitted to a Spectrum waveform generator. Remote Server works in conjunction with text coding, MATLAB™, LabVIEW™ and Spectrum's own logging and display package SBench6. It is even possible to mix operating systems, i.e. Linux™ on one computer and MS Windows™ on the other.

The Remote Server options order code is SPc-RServer and you will find it listed on the Spectrum card datasheets, together with other useful enhancement options.

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