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Portable Systems

Rugged portable computers, signal capture instrumentation, PCI and PCI Express docking stations

Where portable computing is required, DataQuest Solutions provide the experience in meeting the needs of customers, be it for the laboratory, in a vehicle, industrial workplace, or out in the field. Below you will find the range of solutions available, all of which can accept a number of additional PCI-Express cards.

Please use the information to find the system that best fits your need, or obtain a replacement for what you purchased before. You are welcome to contact us for free advice.

Rugged portable PC's
DuraPAC portable PC A range of cost-effective latest generation portable computers, designed to operate in the types of environments where other PC's fail! These systems can provide space for all lengths of PCI Express cards. Fitted with an integral screen, slim-line keyboard, and screen sizes up to 17 inches, An internal tough light aluminium alloy chassis ensures both lightness and strength. Processing power comes from the latest generation of processors - presently Intel™ Core Duo, i5 and i7 processors plus room for up to 24GB of RAM (depending on motherboard and operating system). So now, data acquisition in the field does not mean having to compromise on performance.

Please contact us using the link below and provide an overview of what you require. We will then free of charge, pass your requirement to ACME Portable who will be able to provide information and pricing on a system that perfectly meets your requirements.
  • Multiple PC-Express (PCIe) slot combinations

  • Rugged internal aluminium alloy chassis

  • Portable and compact design

  • Tempered glass AFT screen

  • Powerful Intel™ processors

  • Ideal for industrial use
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Multiple screen portable workstation
Powerful portable PC with three stowable screens Combining a go-anywhere capability with an innovative three 17.3" HD resolution LED backlit LCD displays, this versatile and powerful PC work station provides both full landscape viewing or separate multi-screen images for multi-tasking. With I/O space for PCI-Express cards, massive data storage capability, powerful data processing and touch screen option, this special system creates an efficient solution for graphical simulation work, geographic information systems, computer aided design, industrial process control, in fact any situation where additional graphics space would be aid efficiency and ease of operation.

Please contact us using the link below and provide an overview of what you require. We will then free of charge, pass your requirement on to ACME Portable who will be able to provide information and pricing on a system that perfectly meets your requirements.
  • Portable PC with three stowable screens!

  • Multi-task or panoramic image

  • Touch screen option

  • Powerful CPU and graphics controller

  • Slots for your choice of PCIe cards

  • Externally accessible drive bays
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PCI Express Docking Stations
Three and seven slot PCie Docking Stations. Thunderbolt, ExpressCard and PCI-Express interface options PCI-Express cards can now go portable! This 3 Docking Station provides three PCI-Express (PCIe) slots in a self contained enclosure. The this model comes with a Thunderbolt 3 interface, which is rapidly appearing on many of the latest generation computers, including notebook PC's. No special Windows or Linux drivers are required. This Docking Station is ideal for the latest generation PCIe cards involved with audio processing, video capture, graphics, test and measurement, data acquisition, SCSI, Fibre Channel and more!

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  • Allows notebook or desktop PC communication
    to external PCIe cards

  • Aluminium alloy chassis

  • For all card lengths

  • 3 and 7 slot designs

  • 100 to 240V AC

  • Compact & portable, easy access card bay
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PCI Docking Stations
Three slot PCI Docking Station with ExpressCard connection This MAGMA™  PCI bus expansion / extension unit (Docking Station) provides easy interface options to the notebook PC. Ideal hosting many types of manufacturer's boards. Can also be used with a standard or compact industrial PC where extra external PCI slots are required.

Please note that these PCI expansion system are going end-of-line at the manufacturer One Stop Systems 30/04/2022. The link button below will send you to their website for more information.
  • Allows notebook (or desktop) PC communication
    to external PCI cards

  • Aluminium alloy chassis

  • 3 slot design

  • Portable

  • Compact, light aluminium case
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