Synchronisation Star-Hub for the M2p series

The Star Hub is an additional module for all M2p cards. It allows the synchronisation of up to 6 or 16 cards (depending on the Star-Hub option chosen). When fitted it provides for sampling across all cards with no phase delay between them. So for example, combining cards with eight A/D channels could provide a total 128 signal capture channels. It is also possible to combine M2p59xx series signal capture cards with M2p.65xx signal generator cards. This is ideal for a stimulus-response scenario.

In terms of physical space, Star-Hub (code: M2p.xxxx-SH6ex ) allows synchronisation without the need for an additional system slot, the standard ½ length card is extended to ¾ length (245mm). This needs a longer PC chassis to suit. Alternatively we also offer a daughter board module that fixes on top of the ½ length card, (code: M2p.xxxx-SH6tm), the card length stays the same but it does take up the space of an extra slot alongside. The same applies for the 16 card versions M2p.xxxx-SH16ex and M2p.xxxx-SH16tm.

M2p card showing Star-Hub end mounted as extension board

M2p card showing Star-Hub top mounted as daughter board

Across the Star Hub, clock and trigger information is common and exchanged between all the cards. Triggers can be combined in a logical OR, so that any card channel can be the source. All cards run at the same sampling rate.

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