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High speed instrumentation cards for the PC and industrial chassis. Signal capture, generation and digital I/O versions
Look to Dataquest Solutions as suppliers of leading edge technology where your requirements are for high speed and ultra high speed signal capture, measurement, signal generation and digital I/0. As the primary SPECTRUM PC instrumentation specialist for the U.K. we provide hardware suitable for both desktop PC and industrial rack, with the following features:

  • Signal capture with speeds up to 5 giga samples per second
  • Digitise & record to PC or on-board memory with up to 16 bits resolution
  • Waveform generation up to 1.25 giga samples per second
  • Digital pattern generation and sensing up to 720 million samples per second
  • Perfect sampling synchronisation across multiple channels
  • PCI-Express, PXI-Express and Ethernet/LXI connectivity
  • Expandable on-board memory and fast data streaming capability
  • Four GBytes of memory as standard on the M4i board series!
  • Driver options cover many code and graphical programming packages

5-year warranty on Spectrum digitiser, waveform generators and digital I/O hardware. Buy with confidence knowing that the Spectrum Instrumentation hardware we sell now comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years, in addition to the free pre and post sale technical support we already provide. Choose from a wide range of signal capture and signal generation systems with multiple connectivity options for local or remote connection to a host computer. Should your application be for research, development or product test, we are here to meet your requirements.

Require PC and instrumentation portability?

Rugged portable systems
Where portability is required a number of versatile systems are available:

These are ideal for mobile acquisition requirements / system designs

Software support is well developed and extensive for all Spectrum instrumentation, for both Windows® and Linux®.
  • Drivers for Visual C/C++®, Delphi®, Visual Basic™, MATLAB®, LabVIEW®, Agilent VEE® and LabWindows/CVI®
  • Example programs available
  • SBench® visualisation and analysis software is provided free of charge with all Spectrum instrumentation hardware! Pull-down menu driven, it requires no code programming to quickly access its powerful features.
  • SBench is also the basis for a FREE software educational tool kit for lecturers and students. Use this to visualise the theory of using instrumentation in signal generation, capture and analysis
  SBench6 logging, display and processing software: Click here for more information on this and other programming drivers

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Please browse our website for more information on our extensive range of computer instrumentation!

Signal capture (A/D) cards
Signal generator (D/A) cards
Digital pattern (I/O) cards
Portable systems
Prepared systems
DigitizerNETBOX signal capture with ethernet interface
Signal capture with Ethernet connectivity
Portable arbitrary wavefrom generator with Ethernet/LXI connectivity
Signal generation with Ethernet connectivity
High gain/bandwidth amplifer module - link to technical description
High bandwidth amplifier modules
LitePAC slim portable PC - link to more information
The slim LitePAC portable PC
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